Located in Richmond, BC., we are a local company specializing in natural remedies, personal care, and baby care products. 

DermaMed has remained committed to research, innovation, and the  development of superior skincare solutions,
with a continuous focus on improving the lives of individuals dealing with various skin conditions.

  • • Our company's dedication to excellence was recognized with the Entrepreneurs of the Year award in 2005. DermaMed has consistently received Platinum and Gold awards from the Canadian Health Food Association, acknowledging its top-quality skincare products, especially for conditions like Rosacea and Acne.

    • Internationally, DermaMed received the Gold Medal for Best Skincare Products in Hong Kong, reinforcing its global industry leadership.

  • • DermaMed is a leading Canadian Manufacturer specializing in natural products including brands like Deserving Health and Symbiopathic Homeopathic Remedies.

    • Through years of dedicated research, our founder, Bernard Armani, developed the revolutionary DermaMed All Purpose Balm, utilizing his innovative Intracellular Phyto Technology. This unique approach ensures our products penetrate the skin, delivering the full benefits of herbal therapy and essential nutrients

  • • At DermaMed, we advocate living in harmony with science and nature believing in the healing power of nature, following the traditional practice of botanical science.

    • Our goal is simple: to develop effective products using pure, sustainably sourced ingredients, ensuring excellence in every formulation.

    • By prioritizing plant-derived ingredients, we minimize our environmental impact and support overall wellness.