7 tips for surviving seasonal allergies

7 tips for surviving seasonal allergies

As the cold weather begins to fade away, all we want to do is spend some time outside enjoying the spring warmth. That is, of course, unless you suffer from allergies. It’s beautiful when plants grow and flowers bloom, but for people with allergies, spring may be the worst time of the year.

Seasonal allergies come in the form of watery eyes, a lot of sneezing, skin rashes, and runny itchy nose (some experience it in their throat!). Don’t worry, you can still enjoy spring by taking some precautions to avoid these symptoms. Here are 7 tips for surviving allergy season:

Check the pollen count before going outside

First, identify which kind of pollen causes your allergy. Keep in mind that tree pollen starts in early March, grass pollen in May, weed pollen in July and ragweed pollen in late August. Avoid going outside when the pollen count is too high. You could get informed and learn which pollen is high or low in your area. 

Don’t bring allergens to your house

Whenever you’re coming back from outdoors, make sure to take off your shoes and leave them at the entrance. Also, quickly throw your clothes in the dirty laundry batch and change into something new, otherwise, you will drag allergens throughout your home and the symptoms will never disappear. Another recommendation is that you shower at night or before going to sleep.

Choose natural products to calm skin symptoms

Alleviate itchiness and redness from your skin with all-natural products. Our All-Purpose Balm is the best remedy for itchy skin, and it relieves irritations due to rashes or hives. It’s certified organic (made with calendula seeds, chamomile, vitamins and essential oils), so you can use it whenever you feel your skin reacting to allergies

Be window smart

If it’s pollen you’re allergic to, keep your windows closed and turn on your air conditioner whenever possible. If you have indoor allergies (like dust) open your windows, the fresh air can purify your home and you can keep all allergens out of your house.

Don’t forget to clean your pet too

If your dog or cat likes to hang out outside, remember to give it a quick clean with a towel to be sure there are no allergens that may cause you bad symptoms. Oh, and don’t forget those paws! Pollen often latches on there. 

Dry your clothes indoors

If you don’t want to turn on your dryer for just one piece of clothing (or if you don’t own one) never hang clothes in an outdoor line! It may feel like you’re one of the Bennet girls from Pride and Prejudice when you do, but this is a major mistake. Install an indoor rack and avoid pollen getting stuck to your clothes or bedding. 

Take your allergies seriously

Don’t rely on Google to diagnose your type of allergies. If antihistamines, nasal spray or topical products are not calming your symptoms or they get worse, consult a health care practitioner.   

Go back to your natural self with Dermamed, get our All-Purpose Balm here. 

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