Protect Your Baby's Delicate Skin

Protect Your Baby's Delicate Skin

The weather in the summer has been incredibly good. Nice weather means more outdoor activities for the whole family, including your little baby. Your baby’s delicate skin will easily get dusty, dry, and not to mention, sun burnt. Because a baby’s immune system is less developed then an adult’s, protecting them is even more important. DermaMed is providing a full line of natural baby skin care products with true organic ingredients. Read on to explore our collections.

Cleansers for babies

DermaMed Baby Bubble Bath is naturally scented with the soothing essence of Fruity Mango, these bubbles gently cleanse and condition baby’s sensitive skin. It contains Jojoba and Wheat Germ Oil to boorish and moisturize even the most sensitive skin. Our rich, hypoallergenic formula makes bath time a fun time.

DermaMed Baby Mild Shampoo gently cleanses baby’s hair with botanical extracts and essential oils. This natural, hypo-allergenic formula nourishes delicate hair and scalp with Silk Amino Acids, Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein Aloe Vera Extract and Calendula Extract. Leaves hair noticeably soft, smooth and healthy. Naturally mild formula will not irritate baby’s eyes.

Baby Gentle Body Wash is a mild hypoallergenic formula made with organic Calendula, Chamomile and Green Tea Extract to gently cleanse baby’s skin and hair. This light and soothing essential oil blend calms baby during bath time. Gentle, non-stripping cleanser leaves skin noticeably soft, smooth and healthy. Suitable for baby’s body and face.

DermaMed Baby Specialty Shampoo gently and effectively cleanses and moisturizes baby’s delicate hair and skin. Blended with Silk Amino Acids, Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein and Calendula, this hypo-allergenic, sulfate-free and non-stripping wash leaves hair and skin noticeably soft, smooth and healthy. This ultra-concentrated must-have is fragrance free and it is perfect for sensitive (or newborn) skin!



DermaMed Baby Natural Specialty Cream soothes and protects the delicate skin of infants and children with pure herbal extract of Calendula. Especially effective for diaper rash, eczema, rashes and hives, Natural Baby Specialty Cream calms irritated skin and helps speed healing. It is hypo-allergenic and readily absorbed.

DermaMed Baby Lotion uses an organic blend of Essential Oils, Calendula, Shea Butter and Green Tea Extract; it offers deep hydration and absorption. Our nourishing, non-greasy formula provides 24 hour moisture protection and is gentle enough for sensitive skin. 



DermaSoleil Natural Kids Sunblock is designed to be non-irritating and to protect children's delicate skin from harmful UVA and UVB rays. Our sunscreens are biodegradable, water resistant, non-greasy, non-irritating, PABA free. In fact, DermaSoleil is one of the few sunblock lines that can be used in regulated areas where there is a concern of protecting the biological ecosystem. DermaSoleil Natural Kids Sunblock comes with SPF 30 and SPF 45.


DermaMed is dedicated to providing your baby the best organic skin care products. All our products contain certified organic ingredients and no harsh chemicals, parabens, gluten, fragrance or colorants. Check out our online store and choose the best organic skin care for your babies, while they are enjoying the summer.


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