Natural Alternatives to Hydrocortisone

Natural Alternatives to Hydrocortisone

Hydrocortisone topical cream is commonly used as a steroidal medicine to relieve inflammation and other symptoms related to certain skin conditions (e.g. minor skin irritations, itching, and rashes caused by eczema, insect bites, poison ivy, poison oak, poison sumac, soaps, detergents, cosmetics, and jewelry). Hydrocortisone is a steroid, which works by reducing redness, itching and inflammation. However, it is definitely not safe to use hydrocortisone creams, even over-the-counter cortisone products, as they have numerous side effects. Stinging, burning, irritation, dryness, redness or hydrocortisone allergy at the application site may occur. Acne, unusual hair growth, folliculitis, skin thinning/discolouration, or stretch marks may also occur.

So, what all-natural alternatives are there? Certain herbal creams may provide benefits similar to those of topical ointments without harmful side effects, our All-Purpose balm works as a replacement and will calm the symptoms naturally. This is what can be used instead of hydrocortisone cream.


Chamomile may help to relieve inflammation and suppress an overactive immune response, similar to the function of topical hydrocortisone. A 1985 clinical trial in Germany found that chamomile cream was nearly as effective as 0.25-percent hydrocortisone cream, according to the University of Michigan Health System. Chamomile may help to relieve the burning or itching associated with dermatitis and improve healing for other inflammatory skin conditions such as eczema.


Calendula-based creams are a great substitute and may relieve inflammation and control your immune response like topical hydrocortisone. A randomized clinical trial published in the Journal of Clinical Oncology in 2004 found that topical applications of calendula cream helped to reduce the risk of severe dermatitis from radiation therapy for breast cancer, according to the University of Michigan Health System.

Natural hydrocortisone products:

DermaMed All Purpose Balm contains the finest extracts of calendula and chamomile. It is indeed as effective in treating eczema, mild psoriasis, dermatitis and other skin disorders as hydrocortisone creams. It has proven efficiency as an antihistamine and anti-inflammatory. All Purpose Balm is superior to hydrocortisone and corticosteroids in that it produced no side effects and in most cases visibly healed the damage caused by prolonged hydrocortisone use.

DermaMed Rescue Balm is the result of years of research that has led to the development of this highly effective, all-natural topical treatment for psoriasis. Pure botanical extracts and natural therapeutic ingredients synergistically target the various inflammatory factors involved in the pathogenesis of psoriasis. Relieves even severe therapy-resistant psoriasis, without any side effects.

DermaMed Baby Natural Specialty Cream protects the delicate skin of infants and children with pure herbal extracts of calendula and chamomile. It provides everything that a hydrocortisone cream provides except those side effects. Especially effective for diaper rash, eczema, rashes and hives, Natural Specialty Cream for infants and children calms irritated skin and helps speed healing.

Article by: DermaMed Pharmaceutical

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